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New Zealand - Wanaka

Once through Haast Pass, we headed towards Wanaka. With spectacular scenery, the road passed between Lakes Wanaka and Hāwea until we arrived at Wanaka (the town) at the southern end of the lake.

We met with Matthew, Ruby and Milla, who had driven down from Raglan. Also in town were friends Lou, Victoria and Molly (best friend of Ruby and Milla). It was time for a ski adventure with our nieces.

The following days included skiing at Cardrona and Treblecone, and watching the Besties + Lou and Victoria go skydiving - just amazing how chilled out the girls were.

We were lucky enough to be able park and camp in a friend Richard's garden and the following days, we all headed to the tops of the Old Man Range and the Old Woman Range, to snow-kite. Both days were 4WD adventures, followed by a bumpy sledge ride behind a snow quad to reach the, otherwise inaccessible kite area. More than once I was catapulted from the footplate of the sledge - Richard doesn't hang around....

The snow-kiting was fantastic and Rachel just took to it straight away.

We had an amazing time and spent several fun evenings with Matthew, the girls, Richard, his daughter Emily and father Jerry.

Next on our list was Mount Cook. We headed off with fingers crossed - Rachel had gone to see Mount Cook before, but only seen cloud.


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