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We have found some of the following apps to be particularly useful while travelling and may also be of use to you:

    - iOverlander - probably the most useful app we have, check it out, especially if you are looking for places to camp.  It's free but you can contribute on their website. 

    - - download great maps while you have WiFi and use when you don't.

    - WhatsApp - for a small charge you can sign up and text, phone and video phone friends and families while you are abroad, as long as you have WiFi

    - TripIt - if you do have travel bookings this allows you to quickly save them into one place, with all of your itinery, including booking references in one place for quick recall

    - My altitude - allows you to gauge your elevation above sea level, barometric pressure and coordinates - does not require mobile data to work

     -Sky Guide - a great way to familiasrise yourself with the stars and planets above you - does not require mobile date to work

For the US:

    - Markers - Historical markers dot the roadside in the US - too many to stop each time, with this you can learn even more about the history of where you are

    - Reserve America Camping - helps you find and book camping - focused on US State and National Parks, with find nearby options

    - Good Sam - another app that helps you find camping, with ratings and site information, with find nearby options

    - Passport to your National Parks - helps you find National Parks and record and track those you have visited


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