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Uruguay - Birds

Once we left behind the built up coastal areas of Uruguay, we were amazed at the amount of wild life, and in particular the birds that we saw. First on the rio Valizes, we were off to see some rather old Ombúes trees and didn't expect to see such a variety of birds along the water front. From there, we actually visited one of the marked Mirador des Aves. The lookout itself was a bit of a disappointment but driving slowly along the country lanes, it was stop start as weird and wonderful birds popped into sight.

Other great places in Uruguay were the Parque Nacional de Santa Teresa, the Quebrada de los Cuervos, Parque Natural Regional Valle del Lunarejo and the Termas San Nicanor. We saw so many different species of birds in Uruguay that Rachel even bought her own book in an attempt to identify them. Hoping the names given in the photos are correct! Me thinks there is a secret twitcher waiting to escape!

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