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Ecuador - The Pacific Coast

On 23rd May we arrived in Canoa on the Pacific coast. Best description of Canoa - a Wild West town with surf and plenty of character.

The following day we headed south to Santa Marianita, known as a good kite-surfing spot. We spent a few days camping by a hostel above the beach, before moving onto the beach, to join friends and fellow kiters, Margaux and Séverine. The main event at the hostel saw Rachel in the role of photographer at a joint 1 and 3 year old kiddies birthday party. Oh, and I did a little dance when Fulham won promotion to the Premiership.

The following week was spent waiting for the wind to blow, then kiting as much as we could manage, given that we were sharing kites and boards. Evenings spent taking turns to cook.

We took one 24 hour break from kiting to stay in Puerto Lopez, a fishing port and starting point for boat trips to Isla de la Plata. The island is 25 miles off the mainland and home to nesting Blue Footed Boobies and Frigate birds and large turtles. It's described as the Poor Man's Galapagos..... a lot bloody cheaper and no need to fly. In the morning, before the boat trip, we went to see the fishermen on the beach - a fat little yellow-fin tuna for $5. The bonus on the journey to the Isla was sighting three Humpback Whales, who have just started to arrive in the area. After a long day we returned to the Santa Marianita kite beach and enjoyed a tuna supper.

A few days later, it was time to return to Quito.....Ah, the call of the whistling turbo.

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