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Colombia - Tombs, more tombs and desert

After a week spent waiting for a small delivery from the UK, we left Popayan and headed into the mountains to visit the Parque Arqueologico de Tierradentro. The park has a host of pre-Colombian tombs sitting atop the mountains. The hikes to the sites were steep and the views spectacular. Climbing down into the tombs was a little hairy - super steep and 2ft high steps. Health and safety does not seem to exist and I can imagine a few people have taken a tumble to join the residents.

Our next destination was the Tatacoa Desert. We came from the cool forested mountains and it was a bit of a shock hitting the dry hot desert. We went for a bike ride and some walks. The scenery reminded us of Bryce Canyon, Utah, but Tatacoa is in super miniature scale.

We then travelled south to San Agustin, our last proper stop before heading to the border. The area is famed for its Pre-Colombian tombs and stone figures. Our first day was a walk to the tombs close to the town and the second, a mini bus tour to the sites further afield - all well worth the time.

After a few days rest it was time to head south for Ecuador and say goodbye to Colombia. One word for Colombia - Fantastic...

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