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Colombia - Cali - Popayan

As we headed south to continue on our journey. we stopped for a tour of Cali, the salsa capital of Colombia, Declan refused the late night dancing scene but we visited a number of beautiful churches, including, the blue Iglesia de la Ermita, Iglesia San Francisco with its Torre Mudejar, Iglesia de la Merced and the Catedral Metropolitana.

From Cali we continued on to Popayan and a pretty campsite, with its own Weasley house and overlooking the Purace volcano, which was intermittently covered in snow, depending on how much rain we had and smoking. Popayan, also know as the Ciudad Blanco, is another beautiful colonial town. We visited the Museo de Arte Religioso while there and in one room there was a depiction of each of the 12 apostles holding their instruments of death, with their death scenes in the background. Rather bizarre!!

Tuesday is market day in Silvia, when the mountain folk come down to buy and sell their wares. It was a great market and we managed to buy lots of fresh produce before enjoying lunch, sharing a table and chatting to the really friendly locals.

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