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Colombia - Kiting in Calima

So the broken turbo wasn't all bad news. Armenia was only a 2 hour drive from Lago de Calima, a lake that offers all year-round kiting. We grabbed our equipment out of the van and managed to escape for a number of days to Pescao's kite spot and even managed to catch up with Johan and Ricardo, who we'd met at Esmeralda Gorge, outside Bogota.

I (Rachel) finally managed to stay up wind, after a few rescues in that red boat! We stayed in accommodation on site, until we returned for the 3rd time with the van and Pescao found us a beautiful spot right on the lake, about 100 yards from the kite launch area.

If you're trying to figure out who's who on the water - I'm the short one, always wearing a florescent floatation vest and the one disappearing into the fog, which can descend on the lake occasionally. Declan is of course looking much more comfortable on the board and, of course, he's the tall, good-looking one!

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