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Mexico Part 4 - Return to the Baja

Before leaving Guadalajara and heading north-east, we decided to drop back to La Ventana, BCS to see Rachel's brother, who was taking part in a kiting competition - the Hydrofoil Pro Tour. It was a great trip. We caught up with lots of friends and made many new ones, including Toby, a dog who seemed to adopt us on arrival and followed us everywhere.

The first few days were spent hanging out on the beach as the riders checked out their equipment and put in some practise before the event. Rachel managed to get a quick lesson in - thanks Cache - and cracked getting up on the board. By the end of the week she was riding downwind but the only photos are from the lesson!!

The racing began and life on the beach and out at sea got busy. The site of 56 riders all bearing down on the starting line and then heading downwind before the first tack was beautiful. We got some great shots, but if you really want to see what the racing is about follow this link to some drone footage taken on day 2, race 8.

Like all great things, the event and the racing came to an end. A great closing party and awards ceremony, a lot of tequila and if you ever find yourself in the Baja, try a Baja Fog - take a sip out of your bottle of Pacifico, add tequila and lime and mix gently by tilting the bottle. Remember - Drink Responsibly......;-)))


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