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Ontario and Quebec, Canada

Western Canada began with the Great Lakes and Toronto. From there we headed to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec.

Canada's capital, Ottawa, with the parliament building, was beautiful but the highlight was spending time with friends on Canada's thanksgiving weekend.

Montreal was shrouded in its autumn colours as we walked through Parc Mont Real. Downtown was beautiful, but we had a wet and dreary day, discouraging too much walking. That said, we got bagels at St Vaiteur and managed to transform the grumpy French speaking shop assistant to a smiling chatty old man who gave us two bagels free!!

We continued to follow the St Lawrence river to Quebec - a world heritage site. I am not sure the photos really do it justice, but I would highly recommend Quebec City and the province to anyone, especially to those friends in the USA who may not realise that France is just across the border.


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