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The Lone Star State - Texas

Our first stop in Texas was about 4 miles down river from the centre of San Antonio. We had a fantastic cycle into the city centre, along the river path. San Antonio is handsome place. The river has been dammed to slow its pace and there are lots of restaurants overlooking the water. The old city, including The Alamo were a treat.

We then moved on to Corpus Christi. The van was given a little TLC...a new windscreen wiper motor (shipped from UK) and a general look over. The VW guys loved the van - not sold in the USA. We then had 3 days of paddle boarding and kitesurfing. Met lots of great people and would love to return here.

We moved on to Del Rio, on the border with Mexico. Stayed at the Roosters R.V. Par, a late night treat was the Roosters Inn on the edge of the site. A few beers, whilst watching the locals, in their Stetsons, playing pool.

The following day we drove across Amistad Reservoir and on to Big Bend National Park. We arrived at the Park gate to discover that the Chisos Basin Camp Ground was another 50 miles away. Beautiful setting, surrounded by mountains - warnings of mountain lions and bears.

Early morning walks for the next few days.

The park is an enormous and beautiful mix of desert and mountains. Sitting on the border with Mexico along the Rio Grande. At times we were only yards and a shallow wade from Mexico. We saw roadrunners, Javalinas, Jack rabbits, blue Mexican Jays and a host of other creatures.

A bit of off-roading to leave the park.

in Fort Davis, we stayed on Prude Guest Ranch. Nice place. Moving on to explore the local area and onto Guadelupe National Park, which were largely closed due to an extensive fire in the state park.

Could spend months doing Texas and still only scratch the surface.....great State.


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