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Storm Fest - New Orleans

We arrived in New Orleans for Jazz Fest. First stop was the airport to pick up friends from Maine, Florida and Oregon. Surprise for Miss Diana, she thought were in Texas. We headed for a great little AirB&B in St Roch - the artwork on the walls, especially the monkey said it all..... Lunch at St Roch Market was great, followed by a Crawfish boil supper and drinks at the Three Legged Dog and then back to the house, ready for the main event.

Made it to the Park on Saturday, knowing there was a 30% chance of rain - two hours later we were totally washed out after a massive deluge, thunderstorms and lightening. Got separated from the ladies until finally, having walked all the way back to the house, we found them huddled on the front porch, stripped down to try and stay warm. Only managed to see two bands - Jon Batiste for 10 minutes and Big Freedia for about 30. No chance of Stevie Wonder or Snoop Dog coming on, once it had been cancelled for the day about 4pm.

After such a huge disappointment we headed to the Maple Leaf in the Garden District in search of music. Jon Cleary and his band were playing - a fun night for all, home by 4am, so Sunday, with no improvement inn the weather, we decided to take things easy, brunch at ST Roch Market while the ehavens opened again, heading to the rather salubrious ST Roch Pub for a quick game of pool and some pin-balls, then French Quarter for dinner.

It was a very amusing weekend, haven't laughed so much in ages, but need to "dry out " now for a little while.


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