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Waiting for the Van - Florida

We arrived into Miami, Florida from Cayman on 19th March and headed straight for a great AirB&B rental on Lennox Ave, Miami beach. A fun week catching up with family, visiting the Everglades and settling back into US life. We headed down to the Keys on Easter Saturday, stopping at Islamorada on the way to Key West, enjoying great food and music along the way.

The van was due to arrive on 1 April, so we headed back to Fort Lauderdale, staying with a lovely friend, who got me back into some great yoga. Declan got some good kiting in and after US custom's x-rayed the van (no they didn't let us keep the slides), followed by an inspection, it was released into our custody on Monday 4th April.

After a couple of days getting things together, a new bike for Declan, a bike service for mine at a great place called Perdito's, we finally wrenched ourselves from the comfort of Carla's condo and set off for the start of our US adventure - first stop Jupiter, FL.


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