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Tortola to Dominican Republic

We left Tortola on 22 January for Dominican Republic, passing the USVIs and Puerto Rico to our north. It was a gentle sail and nothing untoward to report until about midnight on 23rd, when the US Coastguard advised of a may day signal having been issued by a vessel in distress and sinking. The location of the vessel was unclear, but it transpired it was about 3 miles to the south west of us. Fortunately for the people on board, another yacht was closer than us and managed to rescue the three people from the hull of their capsized vessel in about 50 minutes. We were able to watch from a distance as the US Coastguard sea and helicopter also sprang into action.

We arrived safely into Casa de Campo on 24 January and docked into the marina. Various officals arrived - marina staff, port authority, the armada (navy) and customs. All very amenable and helpful. The following day we had immigation appear and despite asking for tea, once all the paperwork was concluded, with no milk or sugar when pressed, we learnt, to much ammusement, this was not a tea drinking official but a teep-seeking one. $10 later he left. The priceless price of a cup of tea!

We left Casa de Campo, with its pristine environment - it looks a lot like Florida and is a 7,000 acre gated community/resort on 27 January for Boca Chica -a full days sail. Boca Chica is much more real, rough and ready but very friendly. We had a day out in Santo Domingo - well worth a visit around the old town - all dating back to the days Columbus arrived - 1492.

Today, 30 January we make a push for Cuba, stopping in Ile de Vaca (Haiti) on the way.


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