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Arc 2015 - Gran Canaria to St Lucia

The 30th Arc officially opened on Sunday 15th November with the opening ceremony. This was preceded by a number of seminars at Real Club Nautico - Management of Emergenices, Reefing, Route and Weather, Provisioning etc. On Monday the rest of the crew began to arrive, two having been delayed at Gatwick on Saturday. The second week of events at Hotel Catalina included Management of Emergencies, Tips for Downwind Sailing, with an Air-Sea Rescue Demonstration and LIfe Raft Demonstration on Thursday.

Wednesday night was the ARC 80's Films Costume Party - pleased to win best team costume for our Airplane theme.

We head off on Sunday and will be posting updates of our location via Facebook and Twitter (rachelpage09), through the Yellow Brick tracker we have on board. If you want to follow our progress relative to all the other boats there is a link on - follow the link to the boats, or if you download the App "YB Races" you can follow our progress on your phone (for a fee).

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