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Trains 'n Taxis

Oct 1 - 2.

The general principle (idea) is - Travel by land or sea and no going forward in planes. We can fly home and can fly back to where we left off. Should be interesting.... I think wine was involved in the decision process.

Having downsized/moved home twice, in little more than a month, the travel began...

Oct 1.

0701 St Pancras to Paris on Eurostar.

1020 Ah Paris, where the unlicenced taxi driver wants 60 euro for a 10 min taxi ride to the next rail station - that's 3 times the normal fare and 1/3 more that the price of the 1st Class rail fare to the Spanish border (6 hour journey). He was treated to much laughter and a 'Get Lost..'

1220 Montparnasse, Paris to Spanish border on TGV high speed train. 1st Class might have been comfortable, but for the short French madam who took any leg room I attempted to use.

1820 Train Hotel overnight to Lisbon, Portugal.

Oct 2.

0700 Our arrival in Lisbon coincides with an Immigration/Police Operation at the station. All herded through a hall. One poor man, of Arabic origin, didn't make it through. No idea how that story concluded.


Overdosed on trains, so taxi to Cascais Marina outside Lisbon. Join Yacht Emily Morgan, a classic 57ft Bowman.

Provisioning, briefing, then dinner in town.

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