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Guatemala Part 5 - Quirigua and Rio Dulce

As we left the mountains of central Guatemala the temperature climbed and we knew we were heading back to wards the Atlantic coast.

Our first stop was the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Quirigua, an ancient Maya archaeological park, known for its intricately carved, beautifully preserved and very tall stelae, surrounded by banana plantations.

From there we continued on to Rio Dulce, where we found a beautiful marina to camp, complete with much needed swimming pool to cool down in. Rio Dulce is one of the safest places for boats during the hurricane season and there were plenty around. We took the river trip to Livingston, a largely Garifuna town that we had seen from Belize.

Before leaving, we visited the Castillo de San Felipe. I'm not sure it was ever a hugely successful Spanish fort, but it was certainly very compact and very pretty, set on the lake.

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