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Guatemala - Part 1 El Petén

We crossed into Guatemala from Belize and headed straight for Lake Petén-Itza and a great campsite in El Remate, right on the lake. After a day or two of enjoying our time on the lake we headed to Tikal, a vast site with hundreds of temples, pyramids and stellae. Being in the jungle and a having been nominated as a Parcque Nacionale in 1955, not only was the site beautiful, there was an amazing variety of wildlife, including toucans, Lineated Woodpeckers, Golden Orioles, turkeys, monkeys and coatimundi.

From Tikal we spent another day back in El Remate before heading to Flores, a pretty little Island at the other end of the lake. Our accommodation was across the water but the myriad of water taxis and ferries meant we were able to visit the town and when the time finally came to head south and west to the Highlands of Guatemala, to bring the van across the water, although, being a little concerned about the strength of these wooden boats, I chickened out and jumped in a water taxi, leaving Declan on the ferry!

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